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  • Of Typography And Football

    Michael Wylie tells about passion for art, typography and football Another guest of ours, Michael Wylie, aside from amazing murals and artworks can show you how to choose the role you really love, give your work a personal touch, play football and spark the creative process with the help of… sketchbooks! — Greetings, Michael. We [...] More
  • Complex art of being a designer

    Designer Tavo Ponce shares his story of how going to work became his hobby Tavo Ponce, the owner of Tavo Studio, a real professional focused on art direction, animation and design, joined our mission to highlight artists all around the globe. Read our chat and learn that it is never too late to switch professions, [...] More
  • Modern art inspired by history

    How Nick Misani’s artistic path took a shift to design How fascination with classical arts can influence you as a designer? What is so special about working with letters and words? How a simple texture may totally change the final look of your project? Our guest Nick Misani, a New-York-based designer and letterer, has answers [...] More
  • Defining graffiti

    Long-time love story of Steffen Mumm with graffiti Have you ever thought about the power of childhood memories and how they can influence your future career? The friend of Handmadefont Studio and extremely talented graffiti artist Steffen Mumm has something to say to highlight the topic of developing artistic skills and gaining creative experience. — [...] More
  • Typography, that started with a book

    Lettering artist Risa Rodil tells her story about how a random idea spark turned into typography love flame Handmadefont continues to explore the other side of arts – people who stand behind works that make us breathless. We are glad to welcome on our board a brilliant designer, illustrator and letterer - Risa Rodil from [...] More
  • With grace of ballerina

    From dancing physically to dancing visually Can you believe that a ballerina will eventually find herself mesmerized by graphic design? Jessica Lin, a former dancer and a creative graphic designer nowadays, tells her fascinating story of replacing physical dance with a visual one. Jessica Lin Behance — We are intrigued, Jessica, by your story with [...] More
  • Secret to creativity? Answer – positivity

    Positive vibes of Jason Naylor’s graphic design style Our hero of the hour is incredible Jason Naylor, an artist who is able to remove your sadness by bringing more positive colors into the canvas of the world. Handmadefont Studio was happy to have a chat with this typography designer. If you want to learn more [...] More
  • Good idea is graphic designer’s inspiration

    Graffiti and graphic design artist describes his path as an art director in fashion industry and how it eventually led him to typography This time we highlight the artistic path of Alex Geoffrey, a graffiti artist and graphic designer from North West London, learn more about typography being some time ago reserved for a narrow [...] More
  • Lifelong love affair with typography

    Nicole Arnett Phillips tells how love for books led her to love of typography Handmadefont Studio is proud to say that Nicole Arnett Phillips gave us an interview and shared her thoughts on graphic design, work as an artist and life itself. Here comes our little discussion concerning such important subjects like what is an [...] More
  • All the world’s a stage – lettering as well

    And we aren’t going to stop! Handmadefont got another chance to shed light on artists’ daily routine, and this time we are going to visit Brooklyn, New York, to talk to product designer and artist Adam Fujita, and this conversation led us not only to secrets of typography and neon paintings - but behind theatrical [...] More
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