Yellow Lego Bricks Font. A Font that Brings Back Childhood Memories


May you find everything interesting and thought proving in a Lego set. This Yellow Lego Font is really amazing, love the colours and creativity. Cool & refreshing as real Lego. The bright and colorful design makes this a great choice for designs related to children as well as other entertaining events and activities.


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Photoshop Animation Of The Yellow Lego Alphabet Made By

Build your own typography with the Yellow Lego Bricks Font

The Yellow Lego Bricks Font is a playful and creative take on typography, designed entirely from yellow Lego bricks. This unique font is a perfect example of how design and play can come together to create something truly special.

With its bold and blocky lettering, the Yellow Lego Bricks Font captures the essence of the Lego brand – fun, colorful, and creative. The layout of the font is carefully crafted to ensure each letter is easily recognizable and distinguishable, while still maintaining a cohesive and consistent design.

This font is not just a game, it’s a fully functional alphabet that can be used for a variety of design projects. Whether it’s a poster for a children’s playroom or a logo for a toy store, the Yellow Lego Bricks Font is sure to make a bold and memorable statement.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.” This sentiment is echoed in the design of the Yellow Lego Bricks Font, as it was created through the process of play and experimentation. As designers, we can learn a lot from the spirit of play, as it allows us to think outside the box and explore new creative possibilities.

Yellow Lego OpenType Font Description

This font is an OpenType file that contains color information, which means that it can only be used in applications that support color bitmap fonts. To utilize this font, you will need to have Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018, or Procreate 4.3 (or a more recent version). The industry has widely adopted OpenType-SVG as the standard, providing a greater likelihood that color fonts can now be used in a range of software and hardware, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word, and others.

PNG Letter set

The font has been created using 3D design techniques, resulting in each letter being available as a separate PNG file with a transparent background. The images are high-resolution, with a size of 5000x5000px, and the package includes a total of 50 files. These PNG images can be easily opened and edited using popular image and document layout software. Additionally, users can modify the color of the letters by utilizing basic skills in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The font set also includes various non-letter elements, such as figures, punctuation marks, and currency symbols. A preview is available showcasing all the letters and glyphs that comprise this font.

Cover of the Yellow Lego Bricks alphabet Made By
Yellow Lego Bricks alphabet Made By
Pink magazine cover with a Yellow Lego Bricks alphabet Made By
Close up of the Yellow Lego alphabet Made By

Similarly, according to author and illustrator Eric Carle, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” The Yellow Lego Bricks Font embodies this idea by taking something as simple as building blocks and turning it into a powerful tool for communication and expression.

The Yellow Lego Bricks Font is available in both TrueType and OpenType formats, making it easy to incorporate into any design project. So whether you’re a designer looking for a creative way to spice up your next project, or just a fan of Lego looking for a fun way to express yourself, the Yellow Lego Bricks Font is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Shopping bag with a Yellow Lego alphabet Made By
Catalogue cover with a Yellow Lego alphabet Made By
White t-shirt with a Yellow Lego alphabet Made By
Black poster with a Yellow Lego alphabet Made By
Photoshop test of the Yellow Lego alphabet Made By

Punctuation and Language Support

Due to the large nature of OpenType-SVG fonts, extended punctuation and language support are not included in the font files. However all punctuation characters and the following accents are included as individual image files in the .png letter set, which can be manually added to your text.

If you love Lego typography and are looking for a creative typeface among fonts, please, feel free to browse and buy playful fonts like Yellow LED Font or Lego Scatter Font.

One letter dimensions:

5000 x 5000 px

File Size:

473 Mb (.ZIP)

File Type:

OTF OpenType, PNG


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