Liquid Calligraphy Animated Font. Writing Animated Typography Future


Animated typography takes a sophisticated approach: Liquid Calligraphy Font is a gold standard of a dynamic typeface. The handmade font is exquisite and wild at the same time. The reason for it is a dainty combination of the art of calligraphy and wild water streams. The creative typeface is truly mesmerizing. Because when you look at Liquid Calligraphy Font you see the rivers themselves taking the shape of beautiful calligraphy letters.


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Calligraphy Art Is Handmade Font Life

A handmade font with refined taste, Liquid Calligraphy Font is lines of thoughts that appear on your design so quickly that you can believe that it’s a miracle. An invisible hand traces out calligraphic letters like in a haunted story. Your own ghost writer, the liquid font will help your imagination flow without obstacles.

There is more of animated typography for the fans of fonts made by hand. If you are looking for a unique typeface then you should take a look at our handmade font collection and buy fonts like Splash Alphabet Animated FontTidy Alphabet Animated Font or Liquid Animated Font.

How To Master Calligraphy Font

Liquid Calligraphy Font is for those designers who want to link traditional techniques of visual art with contemporary design challenges. The greatest advantage of the calligraphic typeface is this daring combination of the old and the new. This unique merging allows to use the animated typography piece for both classical and modern projects concerning website contents, commercials and even movie or game titles. The result of your work with Liquid Calligraphy Font will also depend on the background. According to the environment chosen the seem-to-be classical calligraphy will turn into an audacious creative typeface with a rebellious spirit and vice versa. Liquid Calligraphy Font is a shapeshifter. That’s why usage of the animated font can open numerous creative opportunities.

Why Animated Font Is So Special?

Download this unique handcrafted typeface and explore so many useful things in it! You can use our fonts to create television commercials, internet banners, presentations and other video products.

This product is targeted at professional users who know the basics of video editing software, such as: Adobe After Effect, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas etc.

Each letter has an animation. The length of the animation can be checked in the specification. Each letter or a symbol consists of a sequence of pictures (example). The size of each image can be seen in the specification of the font. Part of the font is made with an alpha channel, some are made on a black or white background, and you can use a screen or multiply mode in video editors. Examples on how the fonts can be used can be seen in the videos that are attached to each font.

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Limitless layer duration (about 10 seconds duration)
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860 Mb (.ZIP)

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AE CS6, CC2015


After Effects

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