Ice Small Black Font. Stylish Ice Typography


Ice Small Black Font is a chubby condensed decorative font appropriate for medium to huge sizes. It is monolinear and mostly monospaced, and has a modular construction that builds a rhythm. These features enhance overall readability. This stylish black alphabet is a creative font which is easy to read. Authentic black tone of this creative typeface is freshly strong and delivers a peculiar look to your design. With the stylish combination of tough and minimalistic traits Ice Small Black Font makes a completely unique and fresh impression.


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Ice Cubes Of Ice Small Black Font Will Keep Your Design Cool And Fresh

Ice Small Black Font letters are crafted from little roundish ice cubes you usually put into your cocktails. We created this ice font despite our fingers being totally frozen. Freshen up! It was inspired by the concept of saving space in publishing texts without loss of height. This means it is a very condensed type. The visual benefit of Ice Small Black Font is that accomplishes this horizontal compression while keeping a robust personality. It is not an average, neutral, sans serif. The open forms and tendency towards flattened curves allow it to be used in very small spaces while retaining high legibility. Ice Small Black Font is manually hinted for clarity on desktop and mobile computing screens.

Dark Cold Waters Of Ice Small Black Font

Ice Small Black Font has a dual nature. This handmade font has an icy skeleton and its forms are largely geometric. At the same time, the creative font features friendly and open curves. Ice Small Black Font doesn’t compromise, allowing letters to be settled into their natural width, which makes it equipped for all kind of typographic challenges.

If you love ice typography and are looking for a unique typeface with a dose of contemporary minimalism among 3D fonts made by hand, please, feel free to browse and buy fonts like Leaf Light Font or Black Ice Leaf Font.

Basic Font Description

Ice Small Black Font was designed in 3D. Each letter was made through photographing. Each letter comes as a separate PNG file on a transparent background. Each image has the high resolution size of 1600×1300 px. This downloadable package contains 39 files. PNG images can be opened and edited with all major image and document layout applications. You can buy font and change the color of letters in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, which makes it appealing for graphic design professionals and anyone who admires handmade fonts.

This unique font contains all the characters besides letters, such as numbers and punctuation marks. On the preview you can see all letters and glyphs that comprise Ice Small Black Font.

Additional Font Info

Please note: these are NOT keyable fonts (TTF or OTF). They are either raster images or vector files. Each letterform or shape will need to be hand-set and composed.

One letter dimensions:

1600 x 1300 px

File Size:

66 Mb (.ZIP)

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