Creepy Font. Melted Monster OpenType font and PNG set


A handmade font is not only about being sweet and nice; sometimes it can turn into a scary font, just like Creepy Font. Green letters can resemble blood because of their shape, but we associate this 3D font with a hero from one of our favorite movies. Do you remember Slimer from Ghostbusters? We tried to give the green typeface some features of this funny ghost. Now you can feel yourself just like a real Ghostbuster and catch many horror typography ideas.


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Photoshop Test Animation Of The Creepy Alphabet Made By

Horror Typeface Goes Hunting

This horror typeface differs from typical representatives of horror typography. Some people will think about slime when they see Creepy OpenType Font. Other viewers will believe that green letters are a melting wax alphabet. Remember that the main thing is how you perceive the ghost font and how are you going to deal with it in your artworks. Yes, Creepy Font looks frightening and it lives up to its name. However, it is very friendly to those artists who aren’t afraid of applying it. Listening to ghost stories is interesting but understanding that some supernatural handmade font guests are quite cute is even better.

How To Be Ghostbuster With Horror Typeface

We can assure you that with such a vivid horror typeface you can easily frighten your friends when you need to. Halloween seems as a good opportunity for usage of Creepy Font. You must design a thematic postcard with the green letters: just imagine the words ‘trick or treat’ in such a form. Looks scary doesn’t it. Besides, the 3D font will find a rightful place on a horror movie poster. It will refresh your projects due to its unusual for such kind of designs color. If you are tired of monotypic blood alphabets try our Creepy Font and make everyone numb.

Green Wax Font
Green Wax Font
Green Wax Font
Green Wax Font

Creepy OpenType Font Description

The Creepy Font is a colour OpenType file which means this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts. The Opentype-SVG fonts require Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018, or Procreate 4.3 (or newer) to use. Now that OpenType-SVG has been adopted as the industry standard, there is good chance that you can start using color fonts across your favorite software and hardware (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word etc.)

PNG Letter set

This font is designed in 3D. Each letter comes as a separate PNG file on a transparent background. Each image has the high resolution size of 2500x3800px. This downloadable package contains 51 files. PNG images can be opened and edited with all major image and document layout applications. You can change the color of letters. For this, you need basic skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. This Creepy font set contains all the elements besides letters, such as figures and punctuation marks. All letters and glyphs that comprises this Creepy Font you can see on the preview.

Cover of the Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Magazine cover with the Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Closeup of the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
White shopping bag with the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
White poster with the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Black t-shirt with the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Opened book with the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By
Photoshop test with the Green Melted Monster Alphabet Made By

Punctuation and Language Support.

Due to the large nature of OpenType-SVG fonts, extended punctuation and language support are not included in the font files. However all punctuation characters and the following accents are included as individual image files in the .png letter set, which can be manually added to your text.

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One letter dimensions:

~ 2500 x 3800 px

File Size:

388 Mb (.ZIP)

File Type:

OTF OpenType, PNG


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