A Broken Life Font. Broken OpenType Alphabet and PNG set.


Say goodbye to bland lettering with the Black Broken Font. Portrayal of sadness is one of the biggest typography challenges, and this black font under the name A Broken Life Font is meant to express sensitivity and fragility of life. This shattered  OpenType typeface expresses strong emotions and broken dreams like no font ever did.


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Broken Life Font. Black opentype font

Get rid of boring typography with the Black Broken Font

It’s very hard to find a font that will be suitable for conveying grief, despair and pain. However, it’s not impossible. A Broken Life Font, for instance, is this kind of a handmade font that can deal with depiction of the darkest moments and heartache of a broken heart. This sad font can illustrate depression and calamity of life and yet stay a pillar of beauty and creativity at the same time.

Do you feel that you can’t get enough of fonts made by hand? Perhaps, you would like to see more of them? How about another astonishing black font? Buy fonts like Dark Force Font, Patience Sans Font or Splash Font.

How To Taste Darkness With Broken Typeface

Isn’t that reasonable to use broken typeface to share your broken dreams and hopes with someone? A Broken Life Font can cope with that difficult task. And it means that you can use it for designs that have a demanding, hard and sensitive goal to reach. Share your pain through this unique font. Scream with it. Bring the society attention to the most painful topics people try to ignore or decorate a movie poster with this really dramatic graphic element.

OpenType Font Description

The font is a colour OpenType file which means this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color bitmap fonts. The Opentype-SVG fonts require Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018, or Procreate 4.3 (or newer) to use. Now that OpenType-SVG has been adopted as the industry standard, there is good chance that you can start using color fonts across your favorite software and hardware (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Keynote, PowerPoint, Word etc.) For more information on colour fonts and how to use them visit: www.colorfonts.wtf

PNG Letter set

However all characters are also included as individual .png files which can be opened in any graphics software. This font is designed in 3D. Every letter was made through photographing. Each letter comes as a separate PNG file on a transparent background. Each image has the high resolution size of 3000x3500px. This downloadable package contains 46 files. PNG images can be opened and edited with all major image and document layout applications. You can change the color of letters. For this, you need basic skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc.

This font set contains all the elements besides letters, such as figures, punctuation marks and currency symbols.
All letters and glyphs that comprises this font you can see on the preview.

Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Alphabet
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Book cover
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Poster
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Magazine cover
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Cover mockup

Are you tired of the same old boring font choices? Want to add a little bit of edge to your designs? Look no further than the Black Broken Font! This bold and unique typography is perfect for any project that needs a touch of debris and damage. With its fragmented alphabet elements, this font is sure to make your designs stand out from the rest.

But the Black Broken Font isn’t just for edgy projects, it can also add a touch of humor to your designs. Imagine using it for a funny meme or a sarcastic social media post. The possibilities are endless with this one-of-a-kind font. So why settle for bland and generic lettering when you can have the Black Broken Font? Add a touch of grit and wit to your designs today!

Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Shirt with text
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Opened book
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Books mockup
Broken Life Font Black OpenType Font SVG. Photoshop test

Punctuation and Language Support

Due to the large nature of OpenType-SVG fonts, extended punctuation and language support are not included in the font files. However all punctuation characters and the following accents are included as individual image files in the .png letter set, which can be manually added to your text.

One letter dimensions:

3000 x 3500 px

File Size:

145 Mb (.ZIP)

File Type:

OTF OpenType, PNG


3d render

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