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We believe good ideas can be applied to anything. Even if it’s a slice of bacon, a piece of bread, a handful of seeds or a dozen of eggs it has all chances to become a fabulous typeface.

That’s why in 2008 we founded an Estonian-based company called Handmadefont. Back then neither the font industry was that well developed, nor the term ‘handmadefont’ itself was known. People used to consider fonts as keyable raster images. We suggested a new angle: fonts can be made of what-so-ever. Need a title for an editorial about Oscar nominees or an inscription for an outdoor poster of a spa-center? Here you go with a list of proper fonts for these precise purposes.

Handmadefont basically implemented a new approach to the understanding of fonts. We started with developing selfmade fonts from some funny everyday life objects and ended up with loads of new fonts.

We are not only brothers, but colleagues. We’ve been working in graphic design for more than 15 years. Very often we had to create unique fonts for different advertising campaigns, posters and TV commercials. The final result, after putting so much effort, would only last for a month or two. We felt so sorry that no one would ever see those works again. We decided to give them a new lease of life. That’s how the idea of Handmadefont came up.

At some point we started to grow internationally. We noticed that Handmadefont is popular amomgst advertising agencies and magazines, our fonts are used for commercial ads, packaging design, film titles and many more. Sometimes we cheerfully notice our fonts somewhere, let say, in Finland on an ice-cream waggonette or at a Latin American multimedia journal that focuses on fashion or covers a healthy lifestyle.

After all these years of diligent handmadefont work we managed to produce more than 1000 unique handcrafted fonts. From time to time it requires full body commitment. Like with Eggs Font that took at least 3 hours and 5 burnt fingers. But the work never stops. And we are so glad to spread handmadefont joy all around us and make it a never-ending story.

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